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41qt Tub Rack System

41qt Tub Rack System

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Multi-tier rack system. The price includes tubs and heat tape.

Pictured here is a 4 Tiers high, 1 Tub wide rack system.

Tub dimensions are 16 5/8"W x 34 7/8"D x 6 1/8"H. These are tubs that are great for animals 50" in length or smaller such as adult ball pythons, colubrids, and boas!

The two wide or larger racks come standard with a routered-in center support that will prevent any kind of sagging and makes for a very strong and durable rack system!

We find anything over 5 Tiers in height should be at least 2 Tubs wide for stability.

Tubs are not a stock item, please allow additional lead time.

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