What are your enclosures made out of?

All Cryptic Creations enclosures are made from high quality strong 1/2" foam core PVC (this isn't the stuff you find at your local hardware store). We also use 1/4" glass for our slide style doors and PVC framed Polycarbonate for our swing style doors.

Why PVC?

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride has become a go to caging alternative for many breeders, collectors, and hobbyists alike. Being lightweight, stackable, durable, water resistant, and easily customizable it's easy to see why PVC caging has become so popular. PVC also retains heat and humidity better than some other enclosure materials and types.

What sizes do your enclosures come in?

We have a variety of our most common standard sizes (Terrestrial, Arboreal, and Racks) available for purchase in our webstore. A good portion of our business is based around custom enclosures that are built to the specifications requested by our customers. If you can dream it, we can build it. If you are in the market for a new enclosure and don't see the specific size you're looking for listed on our website, don't hesitate to fill out our Custom Enclosure Inquiry form as thoroughly as possible and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

I heard that PVC starts to sag at greater lengths/sizes, is this true?

PVC is an excellent choice when it comes to caging. If constructed properly PVC can and will hold a substantial amount of weight and will not sag. Here at Cryptic Creations we've built hundreds of large (some very large) enclosures and have yet to have any reports of them sagging. 

Can I make my PVC enclosure bioactive?

Absolutely, just make sure to seal the seams with waterproof sealant and the enclosure will be entirely waterproof. Now your bioactive journey can begin without the worry of the enclosure leaking. You may also want to have us add a deeper substrate lip to your enclosure in order for you to properly set up your bioactive substrate layers.

If I place an order today, how long will it take to get my enclosure?

Due to the large amount of orders we have been receiving, current lead time on any build whether it be standard or custom is 8-10 weeks for a full build out and shipping. Our shipping carriers are also experiencing delays related to Covid, so please be patient. If you need your enclosure faster, consider purchasing our Expedited Build Service. For a small fee, we can move your order to the top of the build list ensuring that you get your order quicker than you normally would. Please keep in mind that purchasing this service does not guarantee that you will receive your enclosure(s) by a certain date or time. It simply speeds up the building process for your order so you get it faster than you would have without using the service.

What animals do best in PVC enclosures?

Well that's kind of a loaded question. Simply put Reptiles (both Terrestrial & Arboreal) of all kinds, Amphibians, and Arachnids are the most popular choices to be housed in PVC style enclosures.

Do you offer discounts of any kind?

We sure do. When we're not offering one of our monthly specials, we offer 5% off of any order of 3 or more enclosures (no matter what size they are). If we are offering a monthly special, that takes place of the 5% as the offers cannot be combined.

In order to save on shipping, can I pick my enclosure up? 

Absolutely, we're located in Pueblo West, Colorado and offer the option for you to come and grab your order. We also have the ability to meet you somewhere local if you cannot make it all the way to the workshop.